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Welcome Saturday, April 13, 2024

Gold Coast Elevator Inspection Service is committed to provide the utmost inspection of elevators, escalators and dumbwaiters, for safety is our ultimate goal. Continue to Read More »

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Resource Links

Below are links that you may find useful.

» American National Standards Institute www.ansi.org
» American Society of Mechanical Engineers www.asme.org
» Building Owners and Managers Association  www.boma.org
» Elevator Association of Florida www.fla-elevator-association.org
» Elevator World      www.elevator-world.com
» National Association of Elevator Contractors www.naec.org
» National Association of Vertical Transportation Prof www.navtp.org
» National Elevator Industry Inc   www.neii.org
» National Fire Protection Association www.nfpa.org
» Occupational Safety and Health Association                         www.osha.org
» Palm Beach Elevator                                                         www.palmbeachelevator.com
» Vertical Assessment Association www.verticalassessment.com